Manual Equipment

Pour Over Methods

In my opinion this is the most common and well known pour over methods. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

This pour over is known for its "V" shape and 60 degree angle. Lots of options for varying budgets. 

The Kalita Wave is known not for the shape of its brewer but of the wave design in its filters. A bit easier to master than the others.

Pressed Methods

Grind, dump, pour, press. Right into your cup. They have great options for multiple or single servings, and they have a travel version!

The classic home brewing method. There is no doubt you've seen the Chambord by Bodum in someone's home.

This is my favorite piece to show off. These manual lever machines are for the espresso lover that wants the satisfaction of pulling the shot themselves. 


This is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of manual grinding. Top quality while still keeping cost on the lower end. This could honestly be the one and only grinder you purchase.

Wanna try your hand, pun intended, at manual grinding. This is a great option that you can feel confident in the quality while also keeping things as cheap as possible.

Flair, is once again, the favorite in my household. This one comes in at around $150 but is one of the best hand grinders on the market. You can bundle with the maker to save!


Find the kettle that suits you. Just make sure it has a gooseneck for a controlled pour. Temperature and other features add to the convenience but are completely up to your needs. This should get you in the right direction.

You need something to weigh beans and weigh them accurately. I have a dozen different scales from $15-150. Follow this link and find any scale you like. Look for 1000+ reviews with at least 4 stars and you can't go wrong.

Storing your beans can be an overlooked aspect of home brewing. Find what works for you but be sure to balance looks with functionality. Airtight and pressure valve containers can really sustain the quality of your beans!

Coffee Bar Essentials

Don't let the name fool you. EspressoParts has almost anything you can imagine, and I mean ANYTHING. Their Amazon store is limited so check out their website for the full experience!

Now Ikape is your go to spot for espresso specific items. They have tampers and tools, Knockboxes, funnels, and everything you could possibly need for home espresso making.

There is no end to the decor you can buy to make your coffee bar your own little paradise. I can't tell you what makes you, you. So here's a nudge instead, I apologize in advance for this link! 

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That being said, any item you see is either sitting on my coffee bar already or in my "saved for later" lists. This is a list I have put together myself to help new and experienced brewers in their journey. Most of these brands are known for their manual brewing devices, however many of them also have other coffee essentials from grinders to paper products, storage and organization to tools. 

This list is constantly growing and adapting to this evolving industry. Come back often for new and exciting finds!