Machine Equipment

Electric Grinders

You made the transition to whole beans! Now you need a grinder and this is the perfect start. Its about as cheap as they come yet extremely reliable. (I have used this daily for the last 5 years)

The next step up is to switch to a more consistent grind with conical burrs. The encore is the perfect balance between cost and utility. Its probably one of the most purchased in this class. For good reason! 

Take your grinds one step further with flat burrs! In my opinion the Fellow Ode 2 is one of the best in this category of high ticket grinders, the brand is super reliable and this grinder does what it does for the money.

Espresso Machines

In my opinion, this is the best on-the-go, pod-based, espresso maker. The De'Longhi models are my go to but they have multiple variations with tons of features to make any beverage you could imagine.

Speaking of De'Longhi, they make some pretty amazing entry level espresso machines. For the espresso fan that wants the happy medium between manual and machine at an entry level price tag!

Home espresso machines can get into the thousands, and as you hone your craft you'll soon find yourself adding bigger and better machines into your wish list. The Breville Barista is the perfect machine to dip your toes into the deep end.

Coffee Makers

Don't have a coffee maker and just need something? There's nothing wrong with simple. No frills, less to break, just put coffee in and brew. This will get the job done while you put together your dream station.

Step the game up with a specialty drip machine thats easy on the eyes! This specific machine is smart enabled for the smart home geeks out there like me! I always go with matte black, but this is one where I could go for the white or stainless models.

If you have a Ninja household like us. Don't worry! They make a dual system for drip coffee and pods! This espresso and coffee barista system is a wonderful addition to your blender, and food processor, and pots, and knife set, get it.

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That being said, any item you see is either sitting on my coffee bar already or in my "saved for later" lists. This is a list I have put together myself to help new and experienced brewers in their journey. Find what's best for you! This is just some guidance in the right direction.

This list is constantly growing and adapting to this evolving industry. Come back often for new and exciting finds!